March 1, 2021

stars“I took Krav Maga because I wanted a workout that was challenging both physically and mentally. The skills I’m learning go deeper than just physical health, they help me to feel safer as well. The staff is also fantastic and they’re a large part of what makes coming to class so much fun!”

-Raquel L.

stars“Fortitude Krav Maga is just a fantastic and supportive community! The instructors are so knowledgeable and made me feel completely comfortable especially with being brand new. Even after 2 classes I felt like I could defend myself if need be and am loving the learning experience. Plus it’s an amazing workout!”

-Emmelyn A.

stars“The staff is amazing and insanely caring about each and every person in class! I love that there is more than one instructor and everyone including students is there to help. I’ve never been able to clear my head 100% from my stressful job, but walking into class certainly does it for me! Great fitness option, killer workout & has given me WAY more energy & self confidence than I could have imagined! You all do an exceptional job!”

-Jordan M.