Krav Maga Worldwide Certified: 5 Reasons Why It's Important

Krav Maga Worldwide Certified: 5 Reasons Why It's Important


Krav Maga Worldwide Certified: 5 Reasons Why It's Important


  1. All instructors require specific certification.

Any instructor who teaches at a KMW licensed training center has to go through rigorous, level-specific certification in order to be recognized as an instructor in the system. This means that they need to travel to a school that offers instructor training that is lead by “Phase” certified instructors-- a certification which takes years of training and service to the KMW community to achieve. A KMW instructor training typically entails a full week of 8-hour training days, packed with curriculum for whichever level they are seeking to gain certification in. The training is thorough and ensures that the instructor can demonstrate proper technique while delivering the material in KMW’s proven, effective teaching style. Once an instructor is certified, their name can be found on KMW’s website ( in the instructor section.

  1. You get the latest and most relevant training.

Another benefit of being licensed with Krav Maga Worldwide is that we are always updated on curriculum changes to ensure the system is delivering proper material for our evolving world. It’s not to say techniques are changing every single year though; Krav Maga was originally developed for the Israeli military in the 1930s and has since been modernized for civilians to learn material that is more relevant to them. Krav Maga is still taught to military and law enforcement around the world through their Force Training division.

  1. It’s recognized nationally and globally.

There are over 240 licensed schools and over 500 law enforcement/government agencies around the world as well as multiple specialized military units trained in Krav Maga. This makes it the largest reality-based self defense organization in the world.

  1. Your rank holds up at any licensed school.

Rank recognition is a huge benefit to any student who moves to a new location or goes on a trip and still wants to train after they leave their school’s area. Many of our students ask us if there are opportunities to train while they are traveling, and so far anyone that has inquired has been welcomed with open arms to train at a nearby KMW licensed school. Since all of the licensed training centers are held at KMW’s standards, our students earn rank based on KMW’s prerequisites for training and ranks are awarded through instructors who are eligible to grant the student that specific level. It’s always a great experience for any of our students to train at their own level of curriculum no matter where they are and to feel comfortable in learning the material that is being presented to them.

  1. We’re all one big family.

In addition to #4 (being able to travel and train), the camaraderie that students experience with other Krav Maga practitioners is amazing. All of us have the common goal to improve ourselves and become safer in the busy world that we are living in. What better community could we ask for? 

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