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No Fancy Uniform, No Crazy Expectations… Just Us! Sweat-Inducing, Muscle-Building, Fat- Destroying, Self Defense-Teaching, Fun-Loving …Fortitude!


We have a pretty strict no jerk policy. If you are quick to anger, judge or complain, please do not apply.


Everyone has an ego. It protects our sense of self-worth. That said…if you are not committed to personal growth and humbly admitting when you’re wrong so there is opportunity for growth, this is not the place for you.


I’m not sure a person who doesn’t like puppies can be trusted…so better not apply if you don’t like puppies.

These rules seem silly but we’re serious about them. Kind People, Open Minds, Hard Workers…these are the types of people we are looking for. If you are one of them, please consider joining our community!

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    Life Transformations

    Fortitude has a personalized approach to coaching that addresses the core problem…Your Habits. By helping you establish healthy habits in nutrition, fitness, self-defense training and personal growth, your success is not just guaranteed….it’s Guaranteed to Last!*

    Nothing is guaranteed. If you are looking for a quick fix to a 30 year problem, this will disappoint you. It requires a Positive Attitude, an Open Mind and a Willingness to Put In The Work!

    World Class Community

    Community is a buzz word thrown around quite often that has lost a bit of its value; but this is something we do not take for granted. Check out any one of our half dozen events offered every month, including Workshops, Free Clinics, Expert Guest Seminars and Support Groups. A community drive to help each other grow is powerful beyond the descriptive ability of the English language. Come see for yourself!

    Practical, Life-Saving Self Defense

    Learning to defend yourself is about more than simply wielding a weapon. The truth is that amateurs who have weapons end up getting hurt with them more often than predators do – and that’s a real problem. There’s no point in arming yourself if you’re not also in the right condition to be able to act if you or someone you love is threatened.

    Krav Maga training emphasizes teaching students how to react in real-life situations. It’s not theoretical – it’s practical and effective.

    Mental Health
    Life-Saving Options
    Healthy Life-Long Habits
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    Fortitude is here to strengthen yours!

    In 2010, Joel and I were given the privilege to work in the martial arts business. We loved being able to empower so many families and spread the wealth of benefits our training gave to us. Over time, the dream of owning our own martial arts school was born.

    In the years 2014-2016, we endured the most difficult time in our lives. The deaths of four close family members and a personal battle with ovarian cancer flooded that time with loss, sadness, and stress. Our martial arts family, training, and values were the blanket that sheltered us and helped us fight through. They gave us…fortitude.

    In 2018, after being married nearly a year and welcoming our first child, we received the opportunity to acquire our own Krav Maga school in our beloved hometown of Neenah. Since Krav Maga encompasses all of Joel’s favorite aspects of his 20 years of martial arts training, we couldn’t think of a better way to launch our dream into reality. We chose to name the school Fortitude, which means strength and courage in the face of adversity. It is a constant reminder of how the martial arts helped us, and it precisely describes what Krav Maga is all about.

    Here at Fortitude Krav Maga, our mission is to give our students the fortitude to fight through and protect themselves in any challenge they may face in life– no matter the circumstance.

    – Tamrah Ellenbecker
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